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Review Article

Year: 2018 | Month: July-September | Volume: 2 | Issue: 3 | Pages: 9-16

Digital India Needs Digital Security

Mohit Kumar1, Ishan Tiwari2, Komal Yadav3, N B Bardhan4

1,2Student, Amity University Noida, U.P. India
3Lecturer, University of Delhi (Forensic Science)
4Director CFSL/CBI/New Delhi, India.

Corresponding Author: Komal Yadav


Digital India is a campaign being launched by government of India. Digital India includes the various initiatives taken by government through a single programme which aims to target the India for becoming a progressing economy with good governance. The digital India campaign is a joint venture by department of electronics and information technology as well as with other central ministries which includes various departments and state governments. The main aim of digital India is to grow the areas of electronic services, products manufacturing as well as job opportunities and much more. The digital India plans to centralize an aim on

Hence, an effort has been made in this review paper to recognize the impact of Digital India, also the challenges faced in successful implementation of the programme. The various issues supported by case studies and the possible negative impact which may forth-come in future have also been discussed under each scheme. Digital India if implemented properly will propel the country to new era of growth.

Key words: Digital India, Governance, Digital Infrastructure.

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