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Case Report

Year: 2017 | Month: Jan.-March | Volume: 1 | Issue: 1 | Pages: 69-72

Efficacy of Laghusutashekhara Rasa Inamashayagata Vata: A Case Report

Patil Arati S, Dnyaneshwar K Jadhav

Kaychikitsa Department, S.G.R. Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, Solapur-413002, Maharashatra, India.

Corresponding Author: Dnyaneshwar K Jadhav


Ayurveda is defined as the ‘science of life’ and is said to be as old as the consciousness of man. Ayurveda not only treat a disease but goes much beyond. It tells how one has to lead his life and take precautionary measures to prevent diseases.
Ayurveda prefer samagni, samadosha while describing Swastha.
Agni is important factor in our body. Agni is said to be the mool (base) of life. If the Agni of a person is vitiated, the whole metabolism in his body would be disturbed; resulting in ill health and disease. Agnimandya is the root cause in production of ama, ajirna, vitiation of dosha and thus related disease.
In the same way person is assured of good health, if one can take care to maintain the balance among the bio regulating factors of the body i.e. Vata, pitta and kapha.
Vata gets vitiated due to various hetu. This vitiated Vata moves and localizes in a specific sthana leading to depletion in the normal functioning of that sthana. This is understood as gata vata.
Amashayagata Vata is a condition in which the vitiated Vata gets lodge into the amashaya and produces a set of symptoms.
Here is one of successful case of 40 year old Female patient suffering from Amashayagata vata which gets relief after administration of Laghusutshekhara rasa with Shunthi decoction within 3 days. And there is no any recurrence till today.

Key words:Amashayagata vata, Laghusutshekhara rasa, Shunthi decoction.

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